I-land Ovavyeews

‘Tis a general overview of the islands.

  • Spy – you can probably guess. But in case you didn’t, here goes: a mad secret agency director hatches an evil plot to make everyone experience sudden hair loss.
  • Superpower – a radioactive meteor has struck a prison, gifting the prisoners with superpowers. Fortunately, your Poptropica SKILZ are more than a match for them.
  • 24 Carrot – a mysterious famine of a certain conical orange vegetable has gripped this island, leaving their carrot-dependent economy in shambles.
  • Astro-Knights – a bizarre but still very, very cool adventure wherein one traverses both the dark and space ages in the course of a single adventure.
  • Early Poptropica – ’tis time to go retro in this amalgamation of “pixel-verse” Poptropica and the good old big-headed island chain we all know and love. Those who have an inexplicable hatred of seventy-foot trolls with clubs should beware.
  • Nabooti – a journey that spans the entirety of the Dark Continent (Africa, in case you don’t get it).
  • Shark Tooth – in an eerily Godzilla-esque scenario, a giant sea monster has been reawakened, threatening the island’s fishing industry.
  • Time Tangled – to prevent a post-apocalyptic future, you must locate several artifacts that have been lost throughout all of time.
  • Big Nate – based on the comic strip of the same name.
  • Haunted House – technically not really an island; it’s a spookily-themed sub-adventure that appears around Hallowe’en but has since been made available to the world at large via a store item.

– TA


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