Abowt Us

We are a Poptropica blog dedicated to coolness, liberal uses of bahd spelyng, and liquid refreshments. Come to us to check up on all the latest Poptropica news that you already know!

Da REEL Poptropica Blog was created by Speedy Fang on 12/12/09. Tangent Aleph, that is, me, promptly joined and forged an alliance to create the most bizarre Poptropica blog of all time.

Speedy Fang

  • Primary posts and the “Island Help” page
  • An administrator and founder of Da REEL Poptropica Blog
  • A total idiot

Tangent Aleph

  • Responsible for the widgets (pohls, etc.), images, and every other page.

– TA



  1. da reel poptropica blog

    • FEAR US

  2. As my colleague Speedy Fang has noted, we are indeed Da REEL Poptropica Blog.

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